Unformed Matter

sgr1806-20-300x225Neutron stars are supposed to be the compressed core of stars that blew away their outer layers with explosions.  Neutron stars flash, on and off. This leads astronomers to imagine that they are like rapidly rotating searchlights. Astronomers sometimes claim that a teaspoon of neutron star could weigh a billion tons. Image credit for SGR1806-20 is from the Very Large Array Radio Telescope.

Radio pulsars, soft gamma repeaters (SGRs), anomalous X-ray pulsars (AXPs) and magnetars are all blinking stars.  Astronomers have seen pulsars that suddenly speed up their flashing. One magnetar, 1E 2259+586, did the opposite. It suddenly slowed down after it fired off a gamma burst. Recent observations into the center of our galaxy, near Sagittarius A-star, found 14 pulsars.

On December 27, 2004, the neutron star SGR 1806-20, near the core of the Milky Way, flared in gamma light. The flash came from the opposite side of the Sun yet it was was so powerful that it saturated instruments on the RHESSI spacecraft that was observing the Sun. Several other spacecraft detected (and timed the initial blast wave), which allowed astronomers to triangulate the source. The gamma burst acted like a short Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) that typically arrives from the early universe. If an event as powerful as this happened in a nearby star, the gamma rays could destroy life on pulsed jet from SGR1806-20Earth.  A week later, the VLA radio telescope began monitoring the flare. This is a view from the HESS (High Energy Stereo System). The white cross is the location of the Gamma burst.  Evidently a jet of matter shot out of the parent forming the elongated structure. The emerging jet does not fit the theory that neutron stars are so dense that matter has to move at half the speed of light to escape their gravity.

Perhaps neutron stars are unformed matter in the core of a star. What is unformed matter? We read about a dark Earth without form on day one. Then God’s wind dithered (in unbroken continuity) above the Earth’s face (Hebrew paniym) as He continued to command light to continue to be. To this day, light dithers (in unbroken continuity) within atoms, giving them extension. Perhaps it was light that energized matter and began to give the Earth its extension. Maybe neutron stars are just the core of unformed matter to which God gives form by continuing to command light to continue to be.

According to the Hebrew text, He continued to form the Sun, Moon and stars and continues to make them into things that spread (Hebrew noun raqia), beginning on day four. We observe that the earliest galaxies were often naked globs. What evidence is there that that the matter in those ancient galaxies did not have the form of modern matter? Their light clocks pulsed at tiny fractions of the frequencies of modern atoms. Modern atoms, when cooled, tick at lower frequencies and take up slightly less volume. Hot atoms shine at higher frequencies and also take up more volume. We observe how tiny globs, packed densely with stars, came out of point sources (by comparing the shape of galaxies at many ranges). We observe how He continues to form the stars and continues to spread them out, as per the literal creation account. (When analyzing creation, we should not use the western concept of time or tensed grammars that had no equivalent in the language or thinking of Old Testament Jews). The literal creation account is supported by visible cosmic history.

Evidently the core of the Earth also contains unformed matter. The Hebrew text for  Zechariah 12:1 tells us that God continues, in unbroken continuity, to lay the foundations of the Earth. The Hebrew of Psalm 136:6 tells us that God continues, in unbroken expanding Earthcontinuity, to spread out the Earth above the waters. Indeed, a global expansion seam runs through every ocean that continues to ooze out new crust as the Earth continues to grow in size. The continents only fit together on a tiny globe without major surface seas.  The gif of the growing Earth is from Michael Netzer who allows publication with CC 3.0 attribution. Subduction theory is denied by the layered, undisturbed, sediments in the alleged subduction trenches. If one removes the lunar mare, the highlands fit together on a much smaller moon. If one removes the volcanic plains on Mars, the highlands also fit together on a much smaller planet. Indeed, Mars has strong magnetic stripes in the southern highlands that reveal the history of how Mars grew.

What is the evidence that pulsars are the core of a star, made of unformed matter? Many pulsars are surrounded by nebula, blown out during former explosions. Jets seem to emerge with minimum bending from gravity, suggesting that their matter has minimum inertia. Why didn’t the explosion obliterate the star? The Bible states that God continues to spread out the plural heavens and continues to call the stars to come out, yet none go missing. (Isaiah 40:26).

Scientific definitions of matter and time, and even their mathematical methods  depend on the notion that atoms are perpetual motion engines. Yet in billions of galaxies, we observe that none of them clock the frequencies of modern atoms. Mathematical science works, says the scientist. Only if you use your synthetic representations of reality and only in nearby spaces and times. None of the laws of physics work in the visible universe, which is why scientific stories of beginnings are so absurd. Their universe is crammed full of magical black holes, invisible matter, vacuums that stretch themselves while adjusting the frequencies of all ancient atomic clocks. None of these magical, mathematical things are necessary if we just believe the light and reject the basic assumption of all scientists, that all things remain the same. (2 Peter 3:4-5).


Biblical Creation without Science